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use the most recent data available concerning the percentage of litter on city sidewalks streets and similar outdoor public spaces that is cigarette butts and related packaging at the time of the enactment of this ordinance such as indicated that 22% of a similar outdoor public spaces consist of cigarette butts and related packaging littered the controllers held periodically share updated data concerning the percentage of litter in such areas with a related packaging. again, the city attorney has suggested those amendments, determined that they are non- substantive but a said -- essentially had -- essentially helpful in establishing the controller going forward. >> very good. please open it up for public comments. supervisor avalos: public comments? >> ♪ i passed the cigarettes on the aground, pledge to clean it up. cigarettes glow in the dark and i think it is time you clean up the city with cigarettes and made it better all of the way around and that is the way i have always heard it should be. would you clean it up, please? your cigarette blows in the dark and i think it is
for it with a conditional use requirement that would trigger some of these larger policy constraints that are behind this particular resolution, so it is the view of the good neighbor coalition that this should go through the ordinary conditional use that process. second, just a point of clarification to with the planning director said, the reduction it is permitted, if you make a contribution for affordable housing, it is not an automatic 50%. it cannot be more than 50%. attributed to affordable housing. it is very important to keep that point in mind. and second, in terms of what is also in the legislation, there is another provision that is often overlooked, but this one requires very importantly that the planning commission go to the board. there should be no significant compromise, and i am quoting this, the overall objective of that is substantial increments on van ness ave. it is clear given the current san francisco is in need, given the financial climate, that this is absolutely critical that every developer along van ness contributes substantially to meeting the housing requirement for van
that they couldn't use the development potential of their site, they had to keep the building that was there, but as "compensation," they could sell their unused development potential. we're very concerned that requiring those proceeds to be used for maintenance undercuts the rationale for the t.d.r. scheme and i think will inhibit the continued workability of the t.d.r. scheme. that provision is not needed to take care of st. mary's, though the preservation mandate applies to those 450 buildings that were protected by the downtown plan. obviously, that goes far beyond what is needed to take care of old st. mary's. so i would urge you to adopt the legislation, but strike the provision requiring that any net pro seeds from the sale of t.d.r. from tfer lots, again, transfer lots of some 450, that that provision be strin. thank you. -- stricken. thank you. >> good afternoon, my name is charles coleman. up until two months ago, i was pastor of old st. mary's cathedral and got transferred from my religious community in austin, texas. i'm glad to be with you this afternoon. i worked on this projec
of neighborhood leaders to talk about the possibility of other uses. from my perspective, i certainly support this bocce ball area, but if it turns out in the future after a good planning process that there are other things that we ought to do, i and my colleagues are very open to that. so with that, i know we have a representative from rec and park to talk a little bit more broadly about that i just wanted to frame the conversation. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i'm lev kushner of the recreation park department. if we could just have the powerpoint on the screen. great. i just have a very quick powerpoint to make sure we're all on the same page. the proposal is for two regulation sized bocce courts. the idea behind this is this will activate this plaza which is currently significantly underutilized. the use that bocce courts entail is exactly the things that the recreation and park department feels is in line for our goals for this site. it's important to note that the gift is in kind. it's actually a gift of construction and materials only. it's not actually a cash gift.
of this. it's very open. the analogy i've been using is it's like one of our city basketball courts where people can come and bring their basketball and play. it's just a pickup game spot. and we do have an existing m.o.u. between d.p.w. and boston properties to maintain justin herman plaza and this bocce ball court if accepted will continue to be maintained as it is currently. supervisor maxwell: any other colts? supervisor chiu and then supervisor mar. supervisor chiu: so the local 61 students and apprentices willing involved in constructing the field and the boston properties is the, kind of course the management of the area. is local 261 going to be involved with any of the maintenance of the courts afterwards? >> yes. supervisor mar: yes. supervisor maxwell: supervisor chiu? supervisor chiu: just closing comments. first i want to address some of the issues that were raised in public comment. ernestine, i am very open to considering a business improvement district for the downtown area as i have a strong proponent in fisherman's whatever and other parts of the district and i have let
by cigarettes. tobacco is the only product that will use -- that when used will kill a least half of the users, and on average, smoking takes 10 years away from your life. my father could have lived years longer if he had not smoke, and i think this is a measure that strongly protect public health, and i urge you for your support. thank you. president chiu, i forgot to think many groups and individuals who heads spin years helping to fight this for public health, including someone from the department of public health, dr. katz, and i also want to think many of the community organizations, including one with the lgbt groups, which has provided education for me and many activists and health advocates. i also want to thank a researcher and the many public health advocates that are in the crowd today, so, colleagues, please support this ordinance for a public health. thank you. president chiu: thank you. any additional discussion? if we could take a roll-call vote on this item. clerk calvillo: [reading roll] there are 7 ayes and 3 noes. president chiu: this item is passed on the first reading. ite
. please use the speaker cards in front of you to the rail on your left. supervisor chiu: please call item no. 1. >> item number one, hearing to review the city's provision and coordination of services to victims of crime, to: (1) what support and services do city departments currently provide crime victims?; (2) how do various departments that interface with crime victims coordinate their activities?; (3) what are the gaps in the system that need to address, and what coordination needs to occur?; and (4) how can victim services be best provided in a culturally competent manner? supervisor chiu: thank you. colleagues, this is an item i have asked for the committee to consider, along with supervisor maxwell, stemming from my experience as a criminal prosecutor years ago. highly publicized incidents in the southeast part of the city, my office worked with a number of crime victims and we heard many stories that pointed to shortcomings and gaps in how our city held to address crime victims'. i have asked a number of city apartments to meet with my office and through that meeting we have reali
that work at the hall of justice. right there in the office with us. we have the new visa program that we're working with so that we can extend to people that are victims of crimes. the elder abuse, of course, we spoke about the forensic center and we have a partnership with them. we're working closely with a variety of organizations regarding hate crimes. we have a whole list of services. information that we give out to parents, talking about preventing becoming involved in a gang. the last one is the economic crime unit, there are many victims of financial crimes that to not have the resources necessary to be compensated. now, our department contacts other agencies and makes notifications when required by law, such as elder abuse and child abuse and working closely with adult protective services. the department provides training during a variety of times tested on available services during academy training when they have, provided to victims and for roll-call in the setting. we have release stepped up on training with regards to cultural awareness, diversity training, language access ca
to land use. we will be joined by our other member and president of the board, david ichiu. lisa, thank you very much. i would like to thank the folks and live. madam clerk has some announcement. >> please be sure to turn off all cell phones and pagers. completed files should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today should be submitted to the september 21 board of supervisors agenda. supervisor maxwell: first item, please. >> ordinance amending the san francisco health code by amending sections to eliminate grocery stores and big box the sale of tobacco products in pharmacies. supervisor maxwell: our director of health, are you here for this item? sorry, erik? supervisor chiu: i think that dr. katz will testify the san francisco has been a leader in limiting the harm of smoking to the public. in 2008 the tobacco free coalition and the department of public health passed a measure that limited the selling of tobacco products in a number of types of stores. this ordinance eliminates an exemption that was made a bad time for big box stores and general grocery stores. this will prev
around on bicycles. but they did not include us. whatever but they have on that database, it was a racist button because i am appalled. i do not have time to talk here, but i see you guys wasting government time. i am here to ask the president to give me two more minutes to talk about crucial issues in our community, which is district 5. you could do it. it is in the charter. if you cannot do that, how will you decide who will be our next mayor? do not play with me right now. i need two minutes. let me continue on. the city and county which passes your money on to redevelopment work support. that is in my community, and you have a director that is about to be resigned, but that office does not do anything for our community. i have a million things to say that i cannot say enough. there needs to be oversight in city government. there is a disconnect with our government and city hall. there is a disconnect between you and the mayor. he does not care. a lot of you do not care. i happen to be an african- american. commissioner chiu: thank you very much, mr. washington. >> ok, listen to this,
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)